Inaugural Summit Day Celebration April 18, 2021.

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Who knew? …I mean can anyone of us say we ever conceived such a thing as the intentional shut down of the economy. I never in my life imagined the economy had an off switch. Did you?

Regardless of where we reside in the world, all of us have experienced disruption in our local or national economies at one time or another.  2020 challenged the entire world to reckon with the realization that our physical health, mental health, and our lives are literally tied to our economic health.  It brought disparities in health front and center on the global stage. Disproportionalities in health and economic impact across global communities identified poverty and inequities in access to economic opportunities and healthcare as a common concern across global communities.

Who knew we would found The GO2 Venture Builder and SummitVB amidst the challenges of 2020.  I certainly did not know and could not have imagined…but yet…there we were.

I thank every member of the Go2 and SummitVB teams.  I also thank our Big SiBs Africa and Diaspora advisory community for sharing their interest, time, and expertise in our globally connected entrepreneurial community investing in nurturing human potential, building ideas, and growing impactful businesses.

In fact, I cannot thank you enough for your “faith”, your confidence that this “bird has wings and can definitely fly”, your flexibility, your trust, your determination that this idea is worth “defending”, your hope that this idea will help actualize dreams into reality, your patience and understanding, your unrelenting pursuit of “excellence” where ever it may come from, your desire to help build an organization where everyone works hard mission driven focused on a shared vision, and your commitment to contributing your best quota towards putting smiles on faces by helping succeed dreams into reality.

Fast forward 2021, we welcomed our inaugural cohort into Summit Core Experiential Entrepreneurial Training program.  Time keeps flying, as these inaugural early adopters have now started their SABID Residency (SummitVB Advanced Business Idea Development).  Our community of sustainable entrepreneurs for the future are collaborating on building our ideas and growing businesses impactful to our communities.

Though it may seem at times like mission impossible, we set aside doubts and focus on pursuing our mission possible:

MISSION: To build human capital that build ideas into sustainable impact businesses that are great for the livelihood, physical health, and mental wellbeing of communities.

VISION: To provide equal access for all idea makers towards building their ideas into opportunities.

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